Here you will find the girls and boys who have been part of our breeding program but are now living else where.


GD CH Sempre Falcon

Blue Point carrying Chocolate

Falcon is a lovely big boy who has the most fantastic temprement.

All Grown up at 4


He weighed in at 4 kgs at 6 months


28th March, 4 1/2 months

14th May, 6 Months


Tested Negative for FIV/Felv 10/02/2010

Sempre Lady Tallulah

Chocolate Tabby Bi-Colour

DOB: 18/08/2010

Sempre Lady Delilah

Delilah is a Seal Bi-Colour girl from Lilly and Furbie

DOB 31st Aug 2009

Abby Rose

Tested Negative for FIV/Felv 10/05/2010




Taken 18th August 2007

20th July 2008

3rd August 2008

looking a little round

20th August 2008

Lilac Point

DOB 30 November 2006

Tested negative to FIV/Felv 10/05/2010

Grand Champion Rymadon Chopper Reed

"Chopper or Chops"

Blue point carrying chocolate

DOB 27th June 2006

Lucy Lou


Lucy was born in our very first litter here at Sempre Ragdolls and was the kitten I had always wanted, she has lived up to what I was hoping for and is a dream to own


24th Sept 2007

8th May

12 Months

Lilac Point (DNA Proven)

DOB 15th April 2007

Raggeleda Dark Sky - Seal Bi-Colour

Rymadon Ma Petite Ange





Rollie Pollie Chick showing her true self

28th June 2009


Seal point carrying chocolate

DOB 18th May 2006

8/7/08 Tested negative for HCM by Echo

PKD Negative (DNA)


Chicken has now been desexed and has found a loving home with Belinda and her family.



30th Oct, just over a week before babies are due


Blue Point


Charlotte now lives with Deslea and her family with one of Honshu's kittens.

Grand Champion Hillcliff Honshu

"Honshu or Honnie"


       11 Weeks 


                         18th December 2006   


August 2007

                             3rd July 2008

Seal mitted

DOB 17th July 2006


FIV/Felv Negative

Willow is the most loving girl that I have met, she loves nothing more then to get on your lap and knead away at you.


Willow's "Most Friendly cat in Show" award from the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2010

Sept 07

7th May 08

(Choc boy behind)

I have been trying to get some pics to show what Willow really looks like for ages but just couldnt get any that really show her coat (and not make her look grumpy). Well these ones are not great but you can see the coat she has. She is pregnant in these pics but there are not many babies in there, it is mainly fur

Aug 2009

Willow lives here with us.





DOB: 7th November 2007

Belle is Willow's daughter and has a great temprement like her Mum.

she has the most amazing tail

Belle Now lives with Anne.

Jarrah Bowe

Blue Point

DOB: 19th Sept 2004

Bowe has gone to live with Sarah at Beaufire Ragdolls to have a few litters before he is retired, he is such a lovely man.

Tested Negative for FIV/Felv 17/12/2009

Mystical Coco Pop

Chocolate Tabby Point

I am so sorry Coco, you were loved and I am so glad I had the pleasure to see you blossom into the amazing girl you became.

Coco's Kidneys did not take her being desexed and she past away a few days later on the 1st of Nov 2010

I miss you my sweet girl

July 2009

DOB: 5th Sept 2007

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