Sempre Lady Saskia

Seal Mitted Carrying Chocolate

Saskia is from Ella and Charlie and is proving to be a stunning girl as she grows

DOB 12 Feb 2012

Sempre Bi Design

Chocolate High White (Bi-Colour)

Design was a very planned mating that amazingly I got what I wanted, she was the only girl in the litter and just what I wanted

High white means that she has two copies of the Bi-Colour gene and when she is put to a point she will have all Bi-Colour kittens

Not the best pic of her with one eye half open but gives you a good idea of her beauty

Sempre Lady Ella

Blue Mitted with Blaze

DOB 08/10/2010

Ella and Stella are litter Sisters and Ella is Saskia's Mummy

Sempre Lady Stella

Seal Mitted

Dob 8th Oct 2010


Aug 2013 

This was one very planned mating and it really paid off in the way I hoped.

Eve - Sempre Ever After

Eve AKA the tail wager

Blue Cream Bi-Colour Carrying Chocolate

7th April

19th April


7th May

1st July

All Grown up, Aug 2010

DOB 10th March 2009


Tiger - Furrlicious Fi Fi

15th May 2009

7 months

DOB 4th Oct 2008

GD CH. Sempre Fern - Blue Point carrying Chocolate

DNA results here's Dna.pdf

Fern is Charlotte's Daughter and doing well on the show bench

DOB 14- 11-2007

Sempre My Ava - Blue Point carrying Chocolate




DNA results Here:'a Dna Results.pdf


Abby and Ava are Charlottes daughters. they are developing very nicely and are lovely girls.

Sempre Sweet India - Seal Point Carrying Chocolate


Sempre Sweet Callie - Blue Point Carrying Chocolate

Sempre Georgia - Seal point Carrying Chocolate

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