Lilly's Boy

On the 5th and 6th of December Lilly had her babies, she had two very healthy boy although the birth didn't go totally to plan.

Lilly's two Lilac point boys who are doing great, they are huge and fat. I will get some pictures soon.

It again saddens me to say that Lilly in wanting to move her babies must have cut off one of the boy airways and after fighting for him for a day and a half he got his angle wings.



Jonathon has gone to live with Rebekah and Alex and their cat Randell.

Lilly and bub

20th Dec

19th Dec

2 weeks

Lilly's boy is 4 Weeks old today and weighs in a 505g and is just gorgeous

Thursday 3rd Jan 2008

4 Weeks Today


Monday 11th Feb 2008

9 weeks 5 Days

23rd March