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Here is a link to the kitten info sheet I normally send to new owners, it will tell you most of the things you will need for your new family member home your Sempre Ragdoll Kitten.doc

Please note that some of this info has changed, we are using Kitter for our litter now, $20 for a 15kg bags or 3 for $50.



Sempre Ragdoll Kittens

Sempre Ragdolls Kittens will leave home at around 12 weeks old after they have been desexed (unless leaving to a registered breeder, no exceptions), vacc x 2, wormed and microchipped.

They will leave with a kitten pack including samples of food and litter, toys, a blanket to remind them of home and a kitten folder containing heaps of info and also their Pedigree papers from NSWCFA (Papers may not be available until after the kitten leaves home and will be posted if needed) They also come with 6 weeks free pet insurance.

If a kitten needs extra time they will stay here until they are ready for their new home.

Breeders kittens may at times be available to registered breeders, for more details please fill in a Kitten enquiry Form.

Kittens will be available in Blue and Seal, Chocolate and Lilac

Please note my kittens will only go to strictly indoor homes, or with a secure outdoor enclosure. I can not stress this enough. I also can not let kittens go to a home with other indoor/outdoor cats as the risk that the other cat can bring home disease is to high. Cats allowed outside can be exposed to Feline Aids or Leukemia to name just a few. Not to mention the risk from the roads, dogs and cat hating people. I love cats but I do not appreciate other peoples cats in my yard and neighbours have a right to not have your cats in their yard

Your kitten will not leave here without a cat carrier, please dont forget yours or you will need to go and get one before you can take your bub home. It is actually againt the law for them not to be secured in the car and you can be fined and loose points off your license.

I am always a little Hesitant of people who want to purchase a Kitten for a friend or brother or mother etc as a present, I really need to know about that person and would prefer to have contact with them before I would sell a kitten as a present.

Of course children who live at home are a little different as you as the parent are responsible for the animal.

Kitten Deposits

Pet kittens will require a $300 non refundable deposit.

No kitten is considered sold until a deposit has been received.

Deposit are Not Refundable under any circumstances, Please do not ask because you have changed your mind as being told no may offend. 

Kittens must be paid for in full before or on collection, No cheques accepted. (There is an Atm a few mins from our house if you need one)

I read somewhere

"The kitten you went to look at today and went home to think about tonight, will be sold tomorrow to the person who saw it yesterday and thought about it last night"

Meaning that if you really want a particular kitten please make it known and pay your deposit.

This is not to sound harsh or unfair but as a breeder it is very hard when someone has said "you can trust me" or "I will have it next week" etc this never happens and then we have the task of readvertising a kitten who is often older and we have often turned away other people who actually wanted that kitten but have gone elsewhere as we have told them that they were not available.

Kitten Pricing

All our Pet Kittens are $1000

All pet Kittens are desexed, no exceptions, ever.

Breeding Kittens Price on Application.

(Prices are subject to change)


Sempre Ragdolls is located around an hour from the airport so an animal transport company is required to take our babies there, the fee is around $110 on top of flight costs and your cat carrier.

Click the pic below to pay your $300 deposit


Paypal is the fastest way to pay your deposit as I can update instantly that your baby is reserved.

Click on the Pic below and it will take you to the paypal deposit page.

Deposits are by Family and friends option only.

If good and services option is chosen I will refund for you to do again as they charge a fee and animals are not covered by paypal protection anyway.

We are located at Riverstone, Western Sydney.

Between Blacktown and Windsor, about 10 mins from the new Rouse Hill shopping centre.

Breeding Stock

Please be aware that I rarely let Kittens go as breeders so if you are interested please give me as much information about yourself and your breeding plans as you can.

Ragdolls in Australia are unfortunately the "In" Thing and there are so many breeders that really are not breeding for the benefit of the breed. My goal is to improve the gene pool and the type of all Ragdolls if this is not your aim then I won’t be able to help you.

I will only sell to breeders who early desex every pet kitten before they leave home, this is not negotiable ever. By desexing every kitten before it leaves home there is never the worry that a kitten will end up with a back yard breeder or a kitten mill and will enjoy the best life possible for them.

All of my Adult cats were tested and Clear of HCM , the DNA testing is cheap, quick and easy and now that it is so readily available everyone should be doing it to keep the breed strong.

There has been a few cats come back to be carriers of HCM and even one that is a +/+, If we do not test our cats these diseases that we thought were gone will be back if force in no time.

Once a cattery has tested all of their breeding cats they will generally no longer need to test offspring once they have clear test results.



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