Daisy's Bubs


Daisy had 6 babies on the 1st June

They are all Blue Points carrying Chocolate

These babies are so full of energy that they a impossible to get photos of but I will post what I have taken today

Two babies are going to live With Rose - Samson and benson

One with Frances

And the last pet boy with Louise to be company for Poh

The girl is reserved at this stage

The black band boy is being assessed for potential future stud quality, feel free to enquiry.

This is the best pic of them all as they are still

Green neck band - Samson

Going to live with Rose and her partner



13th August

Yellow neck band - Simmy


Simmy is going to live with Frances and her sister.


14th Aug

woken up for a quick pic

Pink neck band

Girl reserved

two tone blue neck band - Neo

Neo is going to live with Louise and his big furry sister Poh

Blue Yellow neck band - Benson

Going to live with Rose and Jason ( I hope it was Jason lol)


13th August


Black neck band

Potential future stud boy