Singleton - Girl - Lilac Point

Kate has found her new home and today the 8th of Nov she has gone to live with Cheryl at Furrlicious Ragdolls as the start of her Chocolate and lilac program. We miss her already, she is such a fiesty girl.


Ok so I have been keeping this baby quiet, Chick had a litter not to long ago and due to a daughter letting Chopper out while I was at work and her dad was occupied there was one mating that resulted in one amazingly beautiful Lilac point girl, she is huge and is really enjoying the joint parenting that her mum and Honshu are doing.


My Daughter named her Kate so thats what she is getting called at least for now.

She is developing nicely, she has lovely blue eyes and her coat is about 1 1/2 inches long, she also has nice width between her ears.


She is so adventurous and think she owns the place. She has been running around the house since she was about three weeks old.

14th September 3 weeks and 2 days

This gorgeous girl weights in at 450g


23rd September

4 Weeks and 4 days

                                              2nd Oct

                                                5 weeks and 6 days

4th Oct

6 weeks 1 day

18th Oct

8 weeks 1day

30th Oct

9 Weeks 6 days