First one nearly here.

I am so excited, Joyce will land in Sydney very soon.

Joyce is a Seal Point girl who carries dilute and a great asset to my breeding program.

She was born 24th May 2008 and hopefully she will have a litter for us very soon.


Update, Joyce is here and I have been to see her for the first time on the 2nd July

Van Bever Joyce - "Josie"

Seal Point Carrying Dilute

Joyce Landed in Sydney on the 1st of July 2009.

I went to see her on Thursday 2nd of July and she was so happy to have someone to have a chat and be able to head butt.

She will be able to leave Quarintine on the 31st of July

I am going to slowly change her name to "Josie"


Some pics taken 2nd July

And a nose lick just for fun

31st July, first day home

These are Joyce's Parents