Charlotte's babies

A very special thank you goes to Jenni at Ribbons N Rags in SA for the use of her boy for this litter.

Charlotte had 7 babies on 31st March.

Unfortuantly the last baby was still born and even after trying for about two hours I couldnt get her back.

The other babies are doing well.

All kittens are Blue Point Carrying Chocolate.

The other very small baby also didnt make it so there are now 5 happy babies

Of course I was planning to keep a boy from this litter and it now looks like they are all girls.

8th May

5 Weeks 3 days


Abby Rose - Blue Point carrying Chocolate

Abby is only a Tiny little mite and will be staying here.


3rd August 2008



This girl will be staying with us for now.


3rd August 2008



This girl is a big smooch and will be staying with us for now.



3rd August 2008

20th August

Black spot

This little girl has gone to live with Caroline and Lucy as a much loved pet



This little lady has gone to live with Michelle and her family.